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Did you know 83% of US college students graduate without a job lined up? Or that 65% report that not knowing what jobs are a fit is a significant obstacle in their job hunts? 


College provides resources to help students find direction. The problem is it doesn't occur to most students to use them, especially early on—the best time to start using them.



Creating an engaging college experience that points to a fulfilling career is too important to be left to chance.
If you agree, you're in the right place...




We provide structure and support to help you consciously cultivate a motivating, enjoyable and fulfilling college experience that points you toward a future you're excited about. 

Using a combination of personalized 1-on-1 counseling, customized strategy, step-by-step frameworks, carefully curated readings and powerful digital tools, we can help you:

⇒ Create an engaging, fun and motivating college experience

⇒ Strategically select a good-fit major

⇒ "Find yourself" by getting clear on your strengths, interests & personal motivators

⇒ Demystify how (and when) to begin your career exploration

⇒ Cultivate marketable skills & learn how to thrive in our dynamic, globalized, increasingly automated economy

⇒ Mitigate the effects of structural sexism on your career

⇒ Build confidence you're ready for the real world & able to forge a path to rewarding work & a fulfilling life

* Students will be working directly with our founder, Lauren Paer. We are only accepting 10 students into our pilot program. Admissions will be on a rolling basis so if you're interested, get in touch soon!

Begin a guided journey of self-discovery.
Build an amazing college experience.

“Your ability to connect what I’m passionate about with my abilities and future career options actually makes me truly excited about moving forward for the first time.” - Genevieve     Read more reviews...